Financial Training 2020 - For School Principals, Trustees and Administrators

Thank you for all that attended our 2020 Seminars.

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The Course

This extremely popular course has been reformatted and updated to cover a range of new issues facing schools. It will be presented in a clear, straightforward fashion suited to the average non accountant.

Who Should Attend?

Principals, Trustees and Administrators who will gain an insight into their role in the financial management of their school. Hundreds of Principals and Trustees have attended this course in past years, many having returned for a second or third time due to the valuable information they gained from attending.


With the ever changing landscape and complexities around Schools accounting requirements it is important for all parties (ie staff and Board) to be clear on their role and what the key issues are.

We cover off aspects such as:

What are the main areas of financial risk a school faces? This is a key question for BOT and Management

Financial Roles of Principal and Board. How much input should the Board have in the finances? Do you have the right balance?

Fraud.  What are the risks we should be looking for?

Monthly Reports - How to present and interpret the information.

What is your Financial Position? What the Annual Accounts tell you.

School 'fees'.  What can we insist parents pay and what is a request for donation?

Cyclical Maintenance - Understanding the link between Property Plans and Finances

Bank Staffing Reports. What impact do they have?

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